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Introducing The New Boost Brand

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By Lisa Khoury on Nov 9, 2022
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It’s an exciting day for Boost: today we’re officially launching our new brand identity, and a shiny new website to go along with it.

When we started Boost in 2017, we had one big goal: to drive innovation in the insurance industry. The insurance market is highly regulated, inefficient, technologically underdeveloped and traditionally dominated by a handful of large players, who haven’t had much incentive to change with the times. This added up to an environment that made it very difficult for new players to get modern ideas to get off the ground - which is why buying insurance was still a painful, largely offline process, with often-outdated products. 

We built Boost to change that. Our mission is to make the insurance industry accessible to innovators by providing the compliance, capital, and technology infrastructure they need to offer modern protection to their customers. We wanted to make it easier for new players to get to market, and to make insurance work better for everyone - the people buying it, and the people offering it.

Five years later, it’s been a wild ride. We’ve built an API-based platform that enables any company to offer branded, digital insurance through their website or app, powered by one of the most advanced policy administration systems in the industry. We’ve launched a suite of first-of-their-kind insurance products like parental leave insurance, crypto wallet insurance, and management liability insurance designed for startups, as well as launching improved, more customer-centric versions of established products like business owners insurance for small businesses, cyber insurance and pet health insurance. Since Boost’s inception, we’ve powered more than 40 insurance innovators as they’ve improved the insurance buying process. I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve accomplished.

But we’re nowhere close to finished. Boost’s overall vision for the insurance industry is much bigger than where we are today: we’re building the insurance market for the modern world.

Our vision is to democratize the industry through technology and innovation so everyone can have access to the protection they need, when they need it.

To tackle that vision, we’ve grown a lot as a company - and it’s time for our brand to grow, too. 

The updated Boost brand better reflects who we are now: a bold, modern, tech-forward leader in the insurance space. It allows us to tell our story in a way that’s easier to understand, and gives us room to scale as we continue moving forward.

The central element in our new brand identity is one you’ll hear us talk about often - the idea of the platform. Boost delivers more than just robust tech infrastructure, white-labeled insurance products or access to risk capital through our managed reinsurance facility (though we have those too). With Boost, you get an end-to-end platform comprising every layer of the embedded insurance value chain, all in one turnkey solution. The platform is what gives our customers the tools to scale their insurance programs and build long-term, profitable lines of business, and that’s why we made it the cornerstone of our brand.

Alongside our new brand identity, we’re also excited to unveil the all-new Boost website. Our new online home isn’t just prettier to look at - it’s also packed with more information about what we offer, and more ways to connect with us. 

Boost has come a long way since the beginning, and I look forward to the next steps we take on our journey. Much more to come!

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All of Boost’s products are developed in-house by our team of insurance experts. Since we control the product, we can allow our partners much more flexibility in what to offer than is possible with legacy products. Our insurance products were designed to be modular, with many coverages optional. Faster time to revenue. A streamlined deployment process powered by APIs (more on that later) means you can be in-market with a new product - and generating premium - significantly faster than with traditional carriers.  Built-in capacity. Boost has assembled a panel of reinsurance partners to ensure plentiful insurance capacity for our partners, and all Boost products are offered on ‘A’-rated carrier paper. You’ll never need to worry about limited capacity artificially restraining your growth. Once you’ve decided on the products you want to offer, the next stage is configuration. Boost is set up to offer our partners a foundation to grow on (our favorite analogy is that Boost is the AWS of insurance). That means providing the flexibility to set up and run your white-label insurance program in the way that’s best for your business. Select your coverages.You know your customers the best - what they care about, and what they don’t. You can choose from Boost’s available coverages to build a package that will best fit what your customers actually want, at a price that works for them. Choose how to handle billing. Already have the ability to process payments? You can manage billing entirely in-house. Rather not deal with it? Boost can handle it for you. It’s up to you. Prepare for claims. Your insured customers’ claims can be handled either in-house by Boost, or by one of our fully-licensed TPA partners. Boost’s platform includes an FNOL API that will allow your customers to file a claim online, with no manual steps required. As part of the implementation process, you’ll integrate this API with your digital property. If you plan to also take claims through other channels like phone calls or email, we’ll work with you on how to send the information on to us and open a claim.   There’s no one-size-fits-all for insurance providers, and it’s important for our partners to be able to grow their business in the way that’s right for them. We’re here to provide as much or as little support as you need in managing your program.  We get it: you’ve invested a lot of time and resources in getting to know your customers, and you care a lot about their experience with your brand. That’s why working with Boost gives you full control over building the insurance experience, while our platform provides the infrastructure that allows you to run the program. When you white-label with Boost, the entire program is offered under your branding (right down to the policy documents), and your customers never have to leave your existing site or app. Since your business builds the front-end, you never have to worry about compromising your brand. You’re free to create the perfect purchase flow to engage your customers. The transaction itself is powered by Boost’s policy administration system, which allows for seamless, end-to-end digital management of the entire policy lifecycle. All Boost products are already pre-configured with our PAS, so all you’ll need to do to get started is connect your front-end with the PAS via API. Boost’s insurance API was designed by developers, for developers, and built to be extensible, modular, and easy to use. We provide personalized API documentation with real-time updates, and permanent access to a dedicated testing environment to help your developers get up to speed quickly. An easier development process means a smoother deployment - which means you’re in-market and collecting revenue sooner. Once the integration is finished, your new program is ready to start signing customers. Beyond just the initial purchase, Boost’s PAS also enables you to handle later transactions digitally as well, such as policy modifications and renewals. Your customers will be able to manage the entire lifecycle of their policy from your site or app, seamlessly and lightning-fast. For any new product, of course, the launch is only the beginning. As you sign more customers and your program scales, Boost’s infrastructure scales along with you. And if you decide to offer additional white-label products? Just update your configuration in the API. Growing your GWP has never been easier.  Thinking of expanding your portfolio with a white-labeled insurance product from Boost? Get an overview of our platform and products, or contact us to get started.
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