Boost Partner Stories: Overalls Launches All-in-One Insurance Protection Portfolio

We founded Boost with one (very) big goal: to modernize insurance. 

Traditionally, it’s been hard for people to get the coverage they need, or even understand what’s available to them. One-size-fits-all products, irrelevant bundled-in coverages, and difficult-to-parse policies mean that many people who would benefit from the protection of insurance just go without - and risk unnecessary losses.

Here at Boost, we’re working with innovative partners across the industry to change that, and help ensure more people have access to the loss protection they need. That’s why today we’re excited to congratulate our partners at Overalls on exiting stealth mode with their official public launch.

The Overalls all-in-one protection platform offers a way to tap into an overlooked employer benefit - supplemental insurance. Few employees take advantage of these offerings - largely because, Overalls explains, they’re confusing and the benefits are unclear. 

Overalls aims to change that, with an algorithm that can analyze consumers’ financial milestones and targets, with information about their personality and lifestyle, to create a personal portfolio of the best plans available. Through their employers, consumers are able to access the Overalls platform and source the right insurance protection for themselves and their families, more easily than ever before.

So how does Boost fit in? Our insurance-as-a-service platform provides the infrastructure for partners like Overalls to easily build and manage their insurance businesses. We’re proud to provide Overalls with important technological, operational, compliance, and capital components they need in an elegant turnkey solution, so they can offer their customers a seamless, tailored buying experience with policies designed for modern lifestyles.

You can learn more about Overalls at their website, and in an interview with co-founder and CEO Jon Cooper. For more on how Boost can help you unlock significant recurring revenue with insurance, don’t hesitate to drop us a line - we’re always happy to talk. 

P.S. - Attending ITC 2021 in Las Vegas this week? So are we! You can catch Boost at Booth #713 

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