Employee Spotlight: Patrick Sanders, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Welcome to the Boost Employee Spotlight! Each month, we feature a different member of the Boost team and their story. This month, meet Patrick Sanders, Senior Product Marketing Manager.

What is your role at Boost? What does your typical work week look like? 

Being a product marketer is like being a football quarterback. You’re in the center of the game, making key decisions that impact the team’s scoring abilities—decisions that ultimately affect the Marketing, Product, Sales, and Strategy teams and their efforts. As a Senior Manager of Product Marketing, I am responsible for launching new products into the market. I’m also tasked with developing, refining, and executing core pieces of the marketing toolset—positioning, messaging, and value propositions. I drive our sales pitches and create collateral to strategically enable the Sales team to be successful with prospects and customers. Finally, I represent the voice of the customer to Boost internally, which means I conduct research on customers, the market, our industry, and competitors and translate that information into meaningful insights and strategies to equip Boost to grow.

Product Marketers have to be comfortable with the ambiguity, so the majority of my job is unmapped—leaving it up to me, my manager, and the company to determine how I can add the most value. A typical week includes charting a new course and often in multiple directions at once. Tangibly, I spend the majority of my time working through key priorities for 2022 while equipping the Product and Sales team and their efforts to be successful in the market.

What are some of the highlights of your time at Boost?

In the three months that I’ve been here, I’ve been able to launch a new product–the Pet QuickStart Experience–with the Product and Sales teams. We’re very eager to see how it performs and how it can inform our product strategy going forward. Other highlights since I’ve been here include being able to establish key competitive intelligence initiatives and add impactful enhancements to our core sales pitch.

What’s one thing you’re excited to work on/ hope to accomplish at Boost?

I am excited to combine my product marketing skillset with the knowledge I gained in my MBA program (completed in 2021) which focused on strategic management, entrepreneurship, and behavioral science. I combined these in my last role and was able to persuade senior leaders of that company to expand and successfully grow the product portfolio into a new direction that delivered on new customer acquisition and penetration goals, along with business diversification. I plan to continue to work closely with senior leaders at Boost to provide market, customer, and competitive intelligence that helps us formulate new strategies to grow flexibly as customer and market demands shift.

How did you get started working in insurance? What did you like about it and what could have been done better?

I started in the insurance industry with one of the largest legacy P&C carriers that we’ve all heard of and seen their commercials. I began on their Customer Marketing team and really thought the company did an excellent job of defining our brand purpose and encouraging employees to live into that shared purpose. The one thing that could have been better was, as is common with extremely large, risk-averse insurance companies, the politics of making decisions. If you convinced senior leaders and teams to make a move, you could pat yourself on the back and call it a good year! I’m thankful to now be at a company where decisions can get made quickly–even on the same day.


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