Get the Guide: How to Build an Insurance Program

Insurtechs have a big opportunity in the insurance market: after decades of difficult offline processes and outdated products, customers are more than ready for innovative new players in insurance. 

Getting started, however, can be a challenge. While the rewards of success are high, so are the barriers to entry. We wrote this guide to help.

How to Build an Insurance Program: A Guide for Insurtechs is free to download, and covers everything you need to know about building an insurance program from scratch:


Components of an Insurance Program

To legally sell and support an insurance product, you’ll first need to assemble the necessary infrastructure.  Learn the individual pieces required to launch an insurance program, and why each is critical to success.


How to Build Your Insurance Program

Building a new insurance program from scratch is a long, complex process. Get a step-by-step breakdown from concept to launch, including how to assemble the necessary regulatory, capital, technological and operational components.


Go-To-Market Alternatives

Building an insurance program in-house isn’t the only path to launching or expanding an insurance offering. Learn the other options for bringing an offering to market, that can be completed more quickly than building an entirely new insurance program.


To Build or Not to Build: What’s Right for You?

Every business is different, and the right GTM option for one company may not be right for another. Learn what questions to ask, and what issues to think through, as you decide the right path for your business.


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