Introducing QuickStart: The Faster Way to Get Started with Insurance

Boost’s platform makes it easy to engage with customers and increase sales by offering insurance through your website. Along with the many companies already taking advantage of increased sales, we heard from some businesses that a full integration was challenging, as they did not have the time or resources to build the front-end web experience themselves. 

Introducing Boost’s QuickStart

QuickStart is a white-labeled, customizable front-end experience that makes it quick and easy to start selling digital insurance through your website. Simply select the insurance products and coverages you want to offer your customers and provide us with a few brand assets. We will develop your branded insurance webpage that can connect to your existing site. QuickStart is initially built to help brands start selling pet insurance, but we’ll be expanding QuickStart to other insurance lines soon. 

What You Get with Boost QuickStart

Fast go-to-market. Since the entire insurance web experience is provided to you by Boost, you can get to market with your insurance offering in a dramatically shorter timeframe versus building the web experience yourself.

Simple, streamlined onboarding. QuickStart’s front-end is templatized and customizable, so it can be created specifically for you and your customers very quickly. Simply provide Boost with some basic information, and we’ll create your branded insurance landing page. All you need to do is link to it from your website.

Designed for conversions. To build QuickStart, our team analyzed thousands of insurance signup experiences to uncover best practices for customer experience and conversion. Your QuickStart insurance experience leverages those insights to offer a streamlined sign-up process, optimized to drive sales.

If your business is considering pet health insurance or any other type of P&C insurance, but you’re not sure if it’s right for you, QuickStart makes it easier than ever to launch a pilot program. You can be in-market and generating revenue in just a few weeks, with little-to-no upfront development costs.

Reach out today to learn more about how QuickStart can help your business get started with offering insurance.

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